Social Worker/Clinician

Menta Academy of Belleville
Job Description
Job Description
As a School Social Worker with The Menta Group, you will provide direct educational and social services to students, as well as work with parents, educators, and other professionals to create supportive academic and social environments for all students.
Direct-Hire, Salaried position with benefits and paid benefit time off.
Hours 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., M-F, following a school calendar.


    • Employ data-based decision-making regarding multidisciplinary collaboration, functional behavior assessments and behavioral approaches
    • Build leadership to effectively help students succeed
    • Develop positive behavioral and academic interventions
    • Monitor student progress and evaluations, program evaluations, and consult with educational staff, parents, and other professionals
    • Some local travel to other Menta locations may be necessary at times


    • ???????Only ONE of the following Licenses/Certifications: 1) Certified School Social Worker (IL PEL Certificate) 2) MSW with LSW  3) MSW with LCSW  4) LCPC 5) LCP 6) LPC 
    • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
    • Strong consultative and data analysis abilities
    • Creative thinker who can develop a wide range of interventions meeting the needs of a diverse student population
    • Bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish is preferred, but not required
    • Excellent communication skills 


    • 10 Month Position with 12 Month Pay
    • Benefit options include: Medical, Dental, Vision, and Supplemental Insurance Programs
    • Medical Insurance enrollment is available to full time employees on their date of hire. No waiting period.
    • 403(b) Savings Plan
    • Generous Paid Benefit Time-Off
Menta Academy Belleville
From the moment a student walks in the door, Menta Academy Belleville staff along with the students and their families become partners in the planning process and begin to consider what the students short and long term goals will be, always keeping in mind that integration back to the child’s home school & community are always a top priority. Menta Belleville’s personalized learning model is key to meeting the needs of a diverse population of learners also allowing for flexibility and fluidity in the learning environment. Online learning tools coupled with teacher facilitated instruction help students build upon their current strengths, thus improving student engagement. Teachers possess powerful tools to personalize instruction and utilize real-time data for feedback to intervene exactly where each student needs it most thus, optimizing learning every day throughout each day.
More About The Menta Group
The Menta Group’s mission is “To provide innovative solutions to critical problems in education and human services.”  Menta brings a framework of educational practices that have been designed and are supported through evidence based practices. Menta’s collaborative process with various school and community stakeholders has resulted in programs designed to educate, support, challenge, empower and celebrate students who present with a range of academic, social and emotional needs.  At the beginning of a student’s experience with Menta, a collaborative meeting is held that includes the student, significant people in their lives, Menta staff and other professionals as appropriate. During that meeting, a comprehensive assessment of the student’s past, present and future desires is used to establish a student centered plan (MAP) that serves as a foundation of the student’s Menta programming.   A guiding principle of Menta is ‘we do not give up’, while also holding our students and staff to high expectations. The educational offerings at a Menta program provides students with a quality education that is designed to nurture and enhance the skills and maturity needed to meet the challenges of being productive adults and citizens in a rapidly changing 21st century world. 
 Menta’s programs utilize a unique curricular framework that relies on the Expanded Menta Method and Trauma Informed Practices as the foundational principles for the teaching, counseling and mentoring work done by our highly trained staff. Personalized learning is the hub of our strategic curricular design intended to meet the needs of every student. Starting with the end in mind (learning targets and academic goals), a leveraging of current technologies coupled with highly trained instructional facilitators creates a rich learning environment supporting all student needs.  Menta’s learning spaces are unique and specially designed to combine traditional teacher/student interaction with state of the art technology and learning innovations. Those learning spaces are flexible and can accommodate a variety of learning activities, such as inquiry learning and project based learning. Our spaces are designed to mimic productive spaces learners would find in business and/or corporate environments, thereby helping students achieve a mind-set designed for adult learning and work.
Professional Associations and/or Partnerships
The Menta Group affiliates are members/partners with CEC, CASE, Autism Speaks, ASBA, AAPSEC, AASA, CCSSO, SEAA, ASCD, and many more associations that focus on the education of children with disabilities.
Equal Opportunity Employer
The Menta Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Menta Group ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. The District has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees. Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the district office.
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