All in 4 You Adult Day Care Center
Job Description

The caregiver provides non-skilled personal care services in a client’s residence under the supervision of the client care manager.  Service include assistance in activities of daily living, hygiene and grooming


• Completion of records with appropriate reporting to client care manager
• Written documentation on clinical notes of client 
• Assist meal planning, preparation, and clean up.  Assistance with feeding and/or special needs as required
• Assist with shampooing, brushing, and other care of hair
• Assist bathing clients and providing oral hygiene
• Transfer assistance
• Nail care (filing)
• Shopping for essential and necessary medications, groceries, and/or household items once per week
• Toileting assistance
• Medication assistance upon request of family and/or agency manager with normally self-administered medications

Verbal Reminders/Opening and closing medication containers/Returning medication containers to proper storage area/Application of non-prescribed creams and/or lotions

• Supervision by the client care manager a minimum of every 60 days

NOTE: You may NOT administer any prescribed medication or ointment.  You may NOT be assigned to receive orders from a physician.



• Must be at least 18 years of age with the ability to read and write the English language
• The ability to follow oral and written instructions and work independently
• Current/valid driver’s license and auto insurance
• Maintenance of 8 hours in-service education per year and attendance at mandatory staff meetings
• Criminal background history
• Understanding and acceptance of agency’s philosophy and expectations


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