Belleville Main Street Committee Manager

Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce
Job Description
The Belleville Main Street Committee is a committee of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce and operates under the by-laws and guidelines of the Chamber.  The Manager will be housed in the Chamber office and is responsible for communication to the Chamber to make sure that all activities fall within the Chamber mission.  It has a yearly budget of over $100,000 and focuses its energy and resources on the downtown Belleville, Illinois region.
The Main Street Committee Manager reports directly to the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce President/CEO.  The manager is responsible for carrying out the mission of the committee which includes, but is not limited to, planning, directing and overseeing all activities of the committee.  Other duties include marketing, fundraising, and developing volunteers.
1) Committee Governance: Works with the Committee in order to fulfill the organization's mission.
The Manager leads the committee per its mission which is defined by the Committee members.  The Manager is responsible for communicating effectively with all its members and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Committee to function properly and to make informed and timely decisions.  Includes monthly meeting agendas and minutes.  The BMS Manager communicates the needs of BMS to the Chamber in order for them to help assist BMS.
2) Financial Viability: Develops a yearly budget in coordination with the Committee.
The manager is responsible for the fiscal well-being of the Committee, includes submission of an annual budget supported by monthly financial statements.  Responsible for fiscal management within Belleville Main Street budget guidelines.  Monthly financial reports must be given to the Chamber President/CEO to be reviewed.

3) Marketing:  Implements marketing strategy for the Committee.
The Manager develops an Annual Calendar of Events and is responsible for the implementation of the yearly marketing strategy.  This includes social media, radio, newspapers, etc.  Works in coordination with the Marketing Sub-Committee. The Manager is required to attend Monday morning Chamber Staff meetings, monthly Chamber marketing meetings, and City of Belleville Marketing meetings.
4) Relationship Builder: 
The Manager represents the Committee in contact with members, government officials, public agencies, local organizations, and the general public in order to foster positive and effective relationships
Professional Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree in business, finance or marketing preferred.  Knowledge of budget development; excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills; volunteer management experience; skills to collaborate with members; and strong organizational skills.
This is a part-time position consisting of 20-32 hours/week.  Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.
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